How to glitter on Acetate (or card)

You will need:

  • antistatic pad � using it allows excess glitter to shake off cleanly so you can move to next colour straight away. Keep it dry and it will last for a very long time.
  • very good glue– for strong glitter adherence so you can move to next colour straight away. Art glitter glue is the best craft glue on the market, Cosmic shimmer is good to start with. Also very good for sticking jewels and other cardmaking, needs.
  • ultra fine nib– stainless precision nib fits Art glitter glue and Cosmic Shimmer for detailed work. You will not blob and glue will go much further
  • Microfine glitters– ours are carefully chosen and tested. They are only 89p but are as good as more expensive brands and give beautiful results.

TAKE CARE NOT TO SCRATCH YOUR DESIGN- GLITTER ON THE SMOOTH SIDE. Gently run fingers over design area, you will feel the difference.

  • Gently wipe acetate all over with an anti-static pad �take it out the bag first!
  • Place glue nib directly on the acetate and use like a pen to draw fine lines.To fill an area squeeze a bit of glue, relax your grip and spread glue with the nozzle
  • Cover glued area with a glitter -shake off the excess
  • You can start on the next colour straight away
  • Leave light colours to the last (baby pink, baby blue, peach-white at the end)

LEAVE TO DRY– speed on drying depends on thickness of application and room temperature.

Glue shows white when wet- it will be clear when dry.

CUTTING OUT: We do not bother to follow designs exactly but leave a clear acetate border

Fiddly shapes we cut as a whole : acetate is see-through and excess will show if not cut exactly!

TO FIX GLITTERED SHAPES TO CARD -sticky pads, glues dots etc. Our glues are perfect for sticking to most surfaces. Use sparingly- they are very stong.

Helpful hints: Always close glue firmly and store upside down. You can leave pin in the nib sealed with cellotape if breaking for a cup of tea, but always take the pin out and seal at the session. Store upside down.

  • Our peel off markers have brilliant true colours, do not fade and are a pleasure to use. You can leave them as they are or add glitter highlights, glitter areas or back coloured areas with silver or gold glitter. It is really easy and lovely.
  • Add jewels for glamour. Use our glue for loose jewels or have fun with our beautiful stick-on singles, lines gorgeous clusters. You can cut the clusters in sections while they still stuck to original backing

Try glass paints and check out any markers/pens you already have.

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